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In Begur there are many restaurants of various types. On the way from La Casa Limonera (the house) to centre the restaurants are located in the narrow lane leading to the square. On the square there are two main bar-restaurants with terrace where you can drink and eat. You can enjoy an unusual experience of eating in a place left from the church. It is special place of classic tapas. Pleasant outside sitting around the olive tree and unique way of service. Inside in a small tiny bar there are the plates with various types of tapas, ever client grab and serve himself in any quantity and any time fequence. The waiter (mostly the owner himself) serves the drinks only. The tapas are mixed – cold and warm, but always fresh!

For food lovers the restaurant La Pizzeta is here. Although the name reminds pizzeria, besides the exclusive pizzas, you will admire all other dishes, like meat (the lamb ribs recommended), pasta, seafood, salads and the desserts, of course. The wine list includes very tasty wines.

The real gourmets will enjoy the restaurant almost of Michellin star level, El Diferente. You can take a seat on the bar to the open kitchen and watch the chiefs hands preparing your meal. The quality and presentation of the meals is really on the high level.

The great culinary experience can be reached not only in city Begur, but as well on the beach. The fresh seafood is always found in the restaurant Es Dofí on Tamariu beach. It is the family restaurant with long tradition, where the whole family works together. We highly recommend the meal Gambas al Ajillo (prawns in garlic oil with jalapenos), Mejillones (mussels on grill or with tomato sauce) and the fish Rape….  However those who are not seafood lovers can enjoy the meal here, too. This place offer not only culinary experience but eating directly over the sea and pleasant atmosphere with the excellent view.  No reservation are done here due to permanent interest of the visitors. During summer season the queues of waiting people are not exception. It is worth to wait!


Romantické městečko Begur

Romantické městečko Begur nacházející se v srdci oblasti Emporda je se svými plážemi jedním z nejhezčích míst pobřeží Costa Brava.



Dům La Casa Limonera

Ctra. Circumvalacion 34
17255 Begur, Girona, Španělsko

tel.: +420 775 431 469


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